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UVé - Sunshine Antimicrobial Body Blender

UVé - Sunshine Antimicrobial Body Blender

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“ I've always used body makeup to make my legs look longer and give them that sexy glow. Decided to buy Sunshine and OMG I will never go back to using any other blender besides UVe. 10/10 would recommend.”

- Britney

Meet Sunshine, the only body blender made with the health of your skin in mind! Soft and bouncy like our popular Violet and Helio makeup blenders, Sunshine delivers a glowing, even finish to anywhere you need it on your body. Sunshine’s antimicrobial material keeps your skin cleaner and prettier by preventing bacteria growth throughout. That same cloud-like texture sets your makeup in the softest, most effortless way. Use with body bronzers, highlighters, makeup and lotions. Goodbye chest-ne!

• Up to 99% bacteria-free for less breakouts and clearer skin

 Mold resistant because mold shouldn’t touch your skin

 Unique formula delivers better, faster coverage

 Superior softness for an ultra-soothing application experience

 Vegan and cruelty-free because animals are awesome

 Non-latex material for sensitive skin

• Safe, Non-toxic dyes some excess may shed at first

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